About us

Ganymede Travel was founded in 1997 by entrepreneurial intuition of Prof. Michele Palummo, as a specialized operator in the incoming sector, with the aim of promoting Italian places in Europe and the world. After a few years, with the entry in the company of Antonio and Carmela, also it starts the outgoing sector in collaboration with the best national and foreign operators. Experience in both sectors, was founded in 2007, the Tour Operator Ganymede Travel, which specializes in the organization of package tours.

Since 2008, the Ganymede Travel has since specialized in school trips, as well as the organization of European mobility projects, language and vocational training programs, to meet the increasingly specific needs of the schools of the whole territory Italian. In particular, the Ganymede has gained considerable experience in the C1 PON (study abroad) and PON C5 (company internships in Italy and abroad). Between 2011 and 2014, as part of more than three hundred projects carried out on behalf of numerous institutions from Campania and beyond, about four thousand students have lived formative experiences abroad, in complete safety, thanks to the commitment and professionalism of our profuse company, in complete harmony with school leaders, who said they were fully satisfied with the work. flagship remains, however, the realization, on behalf of the Department of Educational Services and School of Roma Capitale, the Travel of Memory 2011-2013 (Prague, Istria, Cologne, Fossoli, Auschwitz), involving a total of about two thousand young capitoline.

Our company, always ready to seize the opportunities that present themselves on the European scene, it has in recent years also an operating group of experts in the activities of European design to the pursuit of funding under the 2014-2020 programs, on all the Erasmus +, as well as in advising on the design, management and accountability of EU funds.

The Ganymede Travel is driven by a very young team, whose average age is under thirty years, but it has had a strong family experience in the hotel industry that has been going on for over forty years, combined with that that the holder and technical director, prof. Michele Palummo, lived for thirty-five years as a teacher in schools.

By virtue of this special sensitivity, we strongly believe in the value and in enriching personal, cultural and professional journey.

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